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A Weight Loss Community/Competition
Hi, and welcome to idle_running. This is a place for guys and girls to find support in their weight loss journey. Anyone is welcome here. If you want or need to lose weight, join! We offer support for everyone.

1. Please make ALL posts friends only.
2. Please put a subject to your subject line.
3. Please put your application under an LJ cut. Also, all pictures, long posts and posts about binges must be put under an lj-cut, as they may be triggering for others. Don't know how to make an lj-cut? Learn.
4. No bashing the other members. This is a place for support, and by coming here, you agree to support and be supported by others. You will be banned for bashing another member.
5. You must be older than 14 to join. This is because we don't want any young girls or guys in here that are dieting and/or are in the risk of developing an eating disorder.
6. We do not encourage eating disorders, nor will we help you develop one. Don't come here to follow the 'trend' of EDs, or if you are looking for attention. You will be banned if you do. Also, don't come here to lecture people for what they are doing. We know all the risks.

Please post your application when you join, so we can get to know you a little better. I've made it easy for you -- all you have to do is copy the application in the box below and fill in your answers. Feel free to change the subject in the cut. Don't use rich text when you post because it will mess up the application.

Competition, anyone?
Here's a little something to trigger your competitive instincts and help you stick to your plan:

Being reset and started over the first day of every month, people who are on the list below will get a pink merit representing each good day, calorie wise or exercise wise, they've had, and a blue merit for every pound they lost. Bad days won't mean you lose a merit, but you won't get one unless you stick to your goals. If you're not on the list but would like to be added to it, comment here and I'll add you to the list below ASAP.

PINK MERITS: For each day, write your goals for tomorrow, along with how you did on your goals for today. For example, one day's goals could consist of eating breakfast, dinner, no snacks and not eating after 8 pm. In your post, write what you ate, when you ate it, and if you reached your goal or not. Exercise could be a part of the plan, but if you don't exercise a day you said you would, but reached your goals food wise, it does not mean you won't get a merit. Also, claiming a merit has to be done AFTER 8PM.
When you had a bad day (i.e eating way more than you planned, binges), please put it under an lj-cut because other members might not want to read about it.

BLUE MERITS: Simple enough. Let us know when you lose a pound, and you get a blue merit behind your pink ones. If you gain a pound, you'll lose the same amount of blue merits as you gained. Its all about staying on track here, people!
Here's a little tip on the way:
When you plan your tomorrow, plan to eat more than you
really want to. It's better to eat less than planned,
than to eat more.

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May 2008

PinkMerit The winner for pink merits is triangularlove6, who stuck to their goals 9 days! Good job!


BlueMerit The winner for blue merits is lucy_valiant, who lost 6 pounds! Good job!


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If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, feel free to comment on my journal at lucy_valiant.

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